NebuTech® Nebulizer with Filter

Latex FreeNonsterile

Experience Nebutech®’s revolutionary drug delivery system, offering unparalleled effectiveness and patient adaptability. With Nebutech®, expect a reduction in the number of required treatments, shorter patient stays, and decreased re-admission rates. Our innovative design promotes patient compliance with at-home treatment, leading to substantial cost savings while ensuring optimal respiratory care.


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NebuTech Nebulizer, Mouthpiece, 7′ Tubing, B/V Adapter, Expiratory Filter

50 $362.95

NebuTech Nebulizer, Mouthpiece, 7′ Tubing, TG Connector, B/V Adapter, Expiratory Filter

50 $362.95


  • Delivers front-loaded bolus dosing during critical first 1/3 of each breath
  • Provides drug deposition deep into the lungs
  • High quality aerosol – 80% of particles in the respirable range (<5 microns)
  • Improved patient outcomes translate into financial benefits
  • Quick yet effective treatment – 50% shorter treatment times than AeroEclipse II
  • 82% of treatments completed in less than 3 minutes
  • 45º angle for maximizing patient comfort and treatment compliance
  • Patient-friendly accessories provide flexible and improved respiratory treatment
  • Mask, filter, and positive expiratory pressure (PEP) available
  • Filter provides RT protection from exhaled medications
  • Spans the full continuum of patient care: pediatrics through elderly